093a. Picture Day

Say ACHEESE to another episode I am indifferent to

people say Season5 has bad episodes, but really, mos tof the "bad" episodes are just not memorable


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This was a pretty funny episode because of three parts 1. When he used Sponge gloss 2. When SB was wearing that awkward outfit with pearly 3. When everyone had the same smile in the yearbook

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This one just feels like an underdone version of "Missing Identity" to me and I don't get what's so great about this one. It's not bad but not much of it was really that funny. It feels kinda like "Model Sponge" except even that episode had a bit more going for it in terms of stuff I found interesting about it. 5.5/10


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I don't understand why many people love this episode. This episode just shows ruining SpongeBob's picture day, but I find some parts to be good like Spongegloss, SpongeBob wearing that weird outfit for his picture day and those wigs SpongeBob was wearing. However, this episode isn't that good overall and it had some problems. Those teenagers who want to throw ketchup with a balloon, Squidward laughing at SpongeBob (which is very mean) because the garbage truck made him dirty, and Patrick himself. It is lazy-written, but not a horrible one. 5/10.
This episode is not bad but It's so overrated. What's so great about this episode. I did laugh at a few scenes but for most part, this episode didn't interest me 6/10


This episode was brilliant. We've all had our days where everything seemed to go wrong, and the series portrays them in a comical light.


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This and Missing Identity are VERY similar, both plots are very simple, Patrick has a big part in both episodes and both have some good gags. IMO, I didn't think Missing Identity was all that great. Because Patrick was basically the problem for a few minutes of the episode. Where we have to see the same scene like 4 times. Thankfully here, it's a lot more cut down and not as annoying. Patrick in this episode always annoyed me. Thankfully it's not his worst appearance. 7/10


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Season: 5

Episode: Picture Day

This episode was very good. The plot was nice. There were some funny jokes. 8.5/10

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I liked how the shorts improved as the season went on. A great episode with a good format and funny jokes/situations.