090a. A Flea in Her Dome

I kind of liked this episode. I'm not a huge season 5 fan, but this one was exceptional. Parts of it were funny (like Spongebob: Patrick, that's Squidward. He's not gone, he's right here.
Squidward: (planting flowers) No, I'm not. (walks inside)) but some were weird like the ending (Spongebob: Is this how we're going to spend the rest of our lives? Living in fleas instead of water?
Sandy: Spongebob, that's it... water! (puts on a water helmet and karate chops her way through the fleas and opens the door to cause the whole ocean water to come rushing into her dome and the fleas to disappear)
Spongebob & Patrick: Water! (all the fish and water comes pouring into her dome and causing everyone to be squished inside against the glass)
Spongebob: (through glass) It sure is good to have you back, Sandy.) Overall, a pretty good episode. 7/10.
Eh, stupid, bad episode. I guess that's season 5 in a nutshell.

4|10 Overall
I hate this so much 2.3998563/10
I drawed a horsey was the only good part. I wish Sandy would be used in more good roles, lol
This was a good episode it was very humorous but a little disturbing.
Didn't like it. It had potential, but didn't deliver. The only funny parts were Squidward's cameos.
Not too bad. Patrick's vampire flea scene was the funniest part and I was wondering where that whole scene of Patrick saying so much pain came from. Could have started out much better though.
This episode was just annoying and pointless. They should have squashed the flea instead of just doing nothing about it. 3/10
Season: 5

Episode: A Flea in Her Dome

This episode was between bad and decent for me. The plot was kinda fun. Patrick was really annoying in this episode. There were few funny jokes. 5.5/10
This episode has some pretty funny moments, like the no singing policy, the welcomandy thing, and I drawed a horsey, but that's all I can really say.

This episode is WEAK. Probably intended to be a short originally, then padded out to 11 minutes. At least four minutes of this episode is just filler. Not to mention Patrick is kinda a jerk in this episode. This episode is kinda disgusting, and the ending is really stupid. Seriously? The whole ::dolphin noise::ing ocean can fit inside Sandy's treedome? Urgh!

There is badness coming from all sides. 4.0/10, for the moments that made me laugh.
The epitome of meh. Patrick lifts this up quite a lot.

Patrick was half-funny half-annoying and the rest of this episode wasn't very interesting or funny and a little gross. I do like a couple of the episode's gags though and there is some creativity. Another forgettable episode that offers little.

Not as bad as everyone says it is...it's quite a decent episode IMO, there were some funny quotes and moments (like the ''horsey'' thing, or Patrick brushing Sandy's fur on his cake etc) the ending didn't bother me....Patrick was the best character in this one...I think it's an underrated one....used to be one of my favourites a long time ago , back in June 2011! 8/10 ! :)