082a. The Original Fry Cook

I liked this episode. Jim is pretty awesome too. SpongeBob think that Jim came to take his job, but he's just visiting. I think it was a great plot. 7.5/10.
They've told us so many different ways Squidward's life was like before SpongeBob moved in.

This is a decent episode - I always like shows where they go into the history of Bikini Bottom
This one was pretty good. Jim wasn't as bad as everyone says he is, it was really Mr. Krabs who I didn't like. Especially when he looked right in front of him and said that Squidward was a great employee or whatever, instead of SpongeBob. Oh yeah, and "Best Employee Ever." I did like the flashbacks, though. Squidward has the most mesmerizing hairstyle. :xP:
This isn't a good example of a bad Season 5 episode. I mean, it's not that good, it's "okay". I don't like how terrible everyone made Spongebob feel. I think they were being a bit insensitive. Especially Mr. Krabs. The plot idea does somewhat make sense with the history of the show, so I think that bumps it up a few points.

6.5|10 Overall
It's actually good seeing the before time of the KK.
I hate how everyone ganged up on SB in this episode, especially since he was not that bad this episode?!
I honestly don't like this episode. I hated Jim alot. I did like past Krusty Krab, though.
I didn't really like how SpongeBob was treated in this episode. They're saying "Compared to Jim, SpongeBob is a piece of trash." This episode made me want SpongeBob to quit and Mr. Krabs lose his business.
I'm sorry but I actually liked this episode. Squidward's hair and the Patton Oswalt guest appearance were more than enough for me and the interesting backstory close to the end of the episode. The plot was pretty decent. Mr. Krabs was being cheap as usual and it was pretty much a misunderstanding from SpongeBob about Jim replacing him. I'm feeling a 7-7.5/10 for this one.
Jim almost made spongebob quit
I Hate This Crap So Much. Jim Was a Completely Annoying Jerk.And Episode Was Boring As Hell,There's No Good Jokes At All.One Of The Worst Episodes In The Season And In My Bottom 25;

Season: 5

Episode: The Original Fry Cook

This episode is between bad and decent for me. I didn't like the fact that there's a better fry cook than Spongebob (he's supposed to be the best fry cook). Jim was never mentioned in the serie. I kinda liked the ending when Jim gave a kinda heartwarming speech. It had some kinda funny jokes. 5.5/10
I'm kind of mixed here. I liked when the Krusty Krab has class and Spongebob eating the JimPatty was funny but everything else is just kind of...eh.

I think the concept of Spongebob thinking he's being replaced has potential but I don't really enjoy how they executed it. Like Jim not signing things that isn't his? That's a pretty stupid line. And I don't really enjoy how Mr. Krabs says how Spongebob has one quality over Jim, that Spongebob's cheap. OK? Also I hate how they make Spongebob look like the worst frycook because of how picky Jim is. I guess that's to make Jim look good but I don't really know.

Also that limo must be a REALLY slow limo if it's really made of solid gold. 5.5/10