07b. Jellyfish Jam

Really good. Only major downsides were Gary being, uh turned to jelly? And every second of appearance for Squidward after the Trained Wild Animal gag. 8.5/10
Even though it is one of the weaker episodes of season 1, it is still a good episode. "He's the only guy I know who can play with a jellyfish, FOR 12 HOURS!"

Even though this episode was aired CONSTANTLY in the early 2000's, I still love this one. It's just so enjoyable, that even though i've seen it about 100 times, i can still see it 100 more times.
I'd give it an, 8.5/10
I still stand by my opinion of this being one of my favorites thanks to the entire second half of the episode.
It's the classic Season 1 simple-to-convoluted-in-2-freaking-minutes plots that I miss
Pretty nice episode, I loved the gags relating to Squidward. And I liked the ending.

Episode Ranking: Good
Season: 1

Episode: Jellyfish Jam

This episode was kinda good. The plot was decent. I liked the songs. There were some funny jokes. 7/10
Two things:

1. It seems easy to confuse this with Jellyfish Hunter. Obviously because of the titles but also in the beginning there's a scene where SpongeBob milks a jellyfish as if itwere a cow.

2. I've heard in later airings the title card is skipped. Anyone who lives in the US can confirm this for me because I don't really want to wait for the episode to air to see for myself.
Not one of my personal favorites, but the music is very catchy and the scenes with Squidward are great. 9/10.
The plot was basic, but I liked the gags, and the Squid moments. Also, yes ataeaf, the title card is skipped. I just watched it on Nick US and they cut straight to the opening credits, no title. Also, the episode was sped up a very tiny bit. 7/10
This is my favorite episode of season 1. All the songs in this episode are great. The plot may be bare but I dont care This episode is still a
10/10 :1st:
Decent episode, one of the worst of season 1 but the catchy song and some good gags keep it a fun watch 7/10
I was a bit harsh in my original post, it is far from one of my favorites but it has some nice jokes, story, and an awesome JAM.

This episode is really entertaining, interesting and great to watch.

I really like this episode. I don't think it's one of the funniest episodes of this season but it's still really charming and the song definitely feels like SpongeBob.

Great episode! One of my favourite episodes from Season 1. 8.5/10
Ahhh memories...........How can I not give this a 10? ...I remember me being 9 years old and watching this on TV ....This is the ''laugh episode'' for me...I ALWAYS laugh with this episode, I love this episode....SO FUNNY..NOT BORING AT ALL...I have to watch it! 10/10!!! :coolio:
A very unique and fun episode, the plot is a little weak but the humor is good the rave scene is fantastic and the ending is great aswell

Honestly, this episode is overrated. It's not very entertaining, there's only few gags and barely a story. Most people just like it for the rave scenes which are cool but boring and not worth watching the episode for.