04a. Naughty Nautical Neighbors

I love this episode. It's one of my favorite season 1 episodes, maybe even one of my favorite episodes. The idea of Squidward destorying SpongeBob and Patrick's friendship is interesting and there are many funny moments in this episode. I also loved how Squidward got what he deserved at the end of this episode. The begining of this episode is very funny. Patrick falling a sleep when Squidward started to play his clarinet cracked me up. SpongeBob singing a song while he was playing bassinet was hilarious. Patrick in the bathroom was very funny. SpongeBob and Patrick drinking too much soda, then a lot of bubbles coming out of SpongeBob and Patrick's mouth and then the bubbles destroying Squidward's house was funny. Overall, this is a perfect episode. 10/10
Probably one of my favorites of the 1st season! All of the jokes were funny, especially the cello! Great episode!

P.S. when SB draws smiley faces on his fingers, it's so sad! :'(
I love this episode, and I think this is Aaron Springer's first episode.
Naughty Nautical Neighbors

This is probably one of the best episodes yet. I think this may have been the first episode I saw too. Regardless, the entire episode was hilarious and this is probably one of the better examples of Squidward having a conscience this season.

Grade: 5/5, Fantastic. None of the characters really come off bad here. It was just a fun little spat between neighbors.
Squiddykins said:
I didn't quite get the "If I had a dollar for every brain you don't have, I'd have one dollar." line.
It's an intentionally stupid comeback, as a joke.
Season: 1

Episode: Naughty Nautical Neighbors

This episode was very good. I liked the near ending and the normal ending. There were many jokes. 8.5/10
in my top 10 favorite episodes of all time! Its so hilarious and perfect karma! 10/10

BagelsinEurope said:
Amazing! Just barely missed my top 5 S1 episodes. Definitely in the top 10 tho. 9.5/10
What is your top 5 S1 episodes?
Best Season 1 episode. The bassinet joke was hysterical and it has alot of character development of SB and Pat. perfect 10
I love this episode. This episode is filled to the brim with gags and I loved the part where Patrick gets squished with his rock. This episode deserves all the praise it gets.

Episode Ranking: Good
This is my favorite SpongeBob episode. :) I get really sad when Patrick got upset, though. :sad:
Did anyone else notice how many gay jokes were in this episode. First of all the way Spongebob and Patrick were arguing over Squidward was kinda like them arguing over a boyfriend. Also when Squidward tells Patrick he's his friend, Patrick then says friend in a weird manner and Squidward replies "Yes Patrick we're friends. JUST friends."
We later see Patrick in squidward's bath saying "I warmed it up for you buddy mabye informing that he wants to bathe with Squidward.

If you don't think that's enough evidence just look at the scene when Spongebob fixes Squidward's back.

Sorry if I just ruined your childhood.
Much like "Bubblestand", one of the most charming episodes of the show to me. Also one of the most nostalgic episodes for me. 9.5/10.