01c. Tea at the Treedome

A classic as well...I like this episode, it's funny...here in Greece the thing that Patrick was saying with the hand ''δαχτυλάκι!!'' that's what it was called in Greece it is become really popular, making this episode also really popular! But anyways, I like it, it made me laugh, I think it was unique plot to think of an underwater squirrel being sponge's girl best friend and yeah..9/10
This was the actually the best out of the three original episodes, so, I give it a ten out of ten. Here's why:
1. It was the debut of Sandy.
2. It had a book based on it.
3. It showed something logical (SpongeBob getting dried out from too much air combined with too little water).
4. Sandy was fighting a clam.
5. It is a classic.
6. It's one of the three original episodes!
7. The jokes were funny.
8. SpongeBob was told by Sandy that he didn't need to force himself to not wear a water helmet in order for her to like him.
I don't like it...I don't like it...I definitely don't like it...I don't like it...I don't like it.........I LOOOOVVVVEEE IIITTTT!!! How can you NOT?! First episode with Sandy, wacky Spongebob drying out scenes (which I love to see in more Treedome episodes), and most importantly, when in doubt, Pinkie out! (holds up a pink pony) XD
While I do find it a bit forgettable and dull in a few parts, this is still a classic in my books. It's just one of those introductory episodes, so of course, it isn't going to be the funniest stuff I've ever seen, but it's funny enough to make it rewatchable. It still comes with a share of lively animation and likeable characters, including SpongeBob drying out with the close up that isn't too creepy, and how Sandy wasn't too bland. There's some good gags like the fighting at the start, the pinky joke, and Patrick's breakdown in the dome. The story is pretty simple, but it was well-executed, and it proves that a very old episode like this can age well. Good job, Peter Burns, Mr. Lawrence, and Paul Tibbitt! 8/10
aka "Sandy's First Appearance"! (As well as a clam) :thumbsup:
The episode had great dialogue, some like this-
"When in doubt, pinky out!"
"I don't need it..."
"My name is......SpongeBob!!!!!"

All the designs in Sandy's treedome were cool.

This one was a little bit better than Reef Blowers, it's a great introduction to Sandy and it's really funny

Grade: A+

Best Character: All of Them

Best Line: I NEED IT!!!

Best Moment: When SpongeBob and Patrick were trying to get out
This was a great way to introduce Sandy as a new character. I liked a lot of the jokes and the "WATER!" bit is classic, as well as Patrick's 'pinky' technique.

This was also the start of Patrick sort of tutoring and helping SpongeBob get through his life problems, as he does throughout the rest of the series.

Definition of original Spongebob. Only time an 'introduced' character has stayed besides plankton. Had a clear cut beginning, middle, and end. Great simplicity. Just 3 characters. Although Sandy uncharacteristically is pretty dumb about Spongebob needing water (look at him, of course he's NOT okay), but I digress. She really isn't in the episode much. More of an internal Spongebob battle about looking cool and surviving. 9/10
Sandy's introduction was very well-structured. Solid funny moments with SpongeBob trying to impress Sandy. Ending was cute. 10/10
While I do sort of like this episode, I don't like it anywhere near as much as Reef Blower or Help Wanted.
The introduction we get to Sandy is decent enough to satisfy me. But Sandy is far better during her evolution process as opposed to in this episode.

A really funny episode that really introduces Sandy. The plot is pretty simple, and Sandy doesn't even meet Patrick really. 8/10.
Hilarious episode and a great introduction to Sandy. 10/10
So this episode is amazing PINKY. It's Sandy's first appearance it's a GOOD episode. It really funny like when spongebob needs water.But it has I bad episode vibe so I'll give it a 8.5
So this another big staple of the series. Sandy Cheeks is introduced and SpongeBob finds out he can't breathe air. This episode is big to the series. It introduces a main character and their personality.

Airdate: May 1, 1999
This episode introduces the viewer to Sandy. We learn that SpongeBob and Sandy like karate in this episode. This episode gives us lots of quotes such as "when in doubt, pinky out." and "I don't need it, I don't need it.... I need it!" The visual humor is funny too, such as seeing SpongeBob all shriveled up. 10/10.
The most memorable scene...


This episode was interesting and funny at the same time, SpongeBob meets Sandy while she's fighting off a giant clam also in order to impress her, he went to ask Patrick's advice by putting his pinky out and to go in her treedome without his water helmet which didn't went off so well but nothing much to say but give this episode a 9/10