01c. Tea at the Treedome


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Dec 20, 2005
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Funny episode. And it's Sandy's very first appearance. The best part I loved the most was where Spongebob says "I don't need it.. I don't need it.. I definitely don't need it..... I NEEEEED IT!!"
Great Intro To the Squirrel we love!

I thought this was a great episode to wrap up the first episode pair! I think it is amazing how Spongebob and Sandy met over a clam and trying to save eachother. I thought that was cute! Also it was hilarious when Patrick mention the "pinky" to be fancy. Overall, my favorite out of the pair, I give it a 9.5/10.
The very first appearance of Sandy! I love how she was introduced. It was funny when Patrick told SpongeBob to be fancy by holding out his "pinky". And, it was funny when SpongeBob was drying out. And, the ending was good, too. This is a great episode of SpongeBob!

Final Grade: 9/10
It was really awesome! It had a debut of Sandy, and I liked how SpongeBob tried to look "fancy" by knowing what air was. :lol:

But air was not good. 8/10 :)
I love this episode. One of the first SpongeBob episodes I ever saw because we have it on DVD. It was funny, great storyline, and Patrick was just awesome. 9/10 "PINKY UP"
This was a great episode. It introduced Sandy, and it was funny. I also really liked Patrick in this episode.
Neat introduction to Sandy. On the same level as Help Wanted, really. 6.9/10
Plot: Spongebob finds a "Land Squirrel", and becomes friends with her. On a visit to her air bubble, things go horribly wrong...
This episode works with the plot so well, creating a fun, interesting plot, getting into the story pretty quickly, and introducing Sandy in a simple yet great way. Another classic plot. I wish there was a bit more karate, but it was still great. 3.7/4.

Jokes: The jokes in this episode just never end. Pinky up, I DON'T NEED IT, the whole Clam sequence, just priceless comedy. The humor was more outgoing then Help Wanted, and got me smiling the whole time, with a lot of chuckling. 2.7/3.

Characters: What is there not to like about the characters in this episode. Spongebob and Sandy make great friends, and a hilarious duo when done right, and with Patrick right along to help Spongebob out, it just makes me love the characters so much. 2.9/3.

Overall, this is an episode that deserves alot of credit in my opinion. It was near perfect, with only a few flaws, making it one of my favorite episodes of SB. The episode definatly earns its 9.3/10 rating.

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Sandy's a good character, but she felt like a plot device in this one. 6.9/10
I love this episode! One of my favorites from the first season, which is impressive considering it's one of the first episodes, which are usually rather clumsy. It's funny, has some cute Spandy moments, and it's a great introduction to Sandy.
A great way to introduce as to Sandy, 9.4/10

An remember, pinky up!
Classic episode. My favorite scenes are SpongeBob and Patrick needing water and the ending scene. 10/10
This is the first SpongeBob episode that was funny for me (Help Wanted and Reef Blower weren't funny much in my opinion). It's not one of my favorite season 1 episodes though but It's a great introduction to Sandy, who is one of my favorite SB characters There were some good laughs like Sandy breaking a rock, Patrick telling SpongeBob to hold his pinky up, SpongeBob and Patrick drying up (that was very dark too) and SpongeBob saying "I NEED IT". I rate this episode 9/10.