01a. Help Wanted


Bomb-Selling Pirate
Mar 22, 2011

The first episode and definitely one of my favorites. I love the classic animation and when Spongebob comes to save mr. krabs and Squidward. What do you think of it:)
Yeah, I love the animation in this episode! It's looks so cool. =D
"You're terrible, Mr. Krabs! A hydro- what?! *laughs*"

I love this episode because it shows how Spongebob got his job as fry cook.
I love the last part when Patrick comes in "good morning krust krew, one krabby patty please!" and then he gets hit by a bunch of krabby patties! hahahaha by far one of the best sb endings :P
It was a great start to a great series. It was an episode so good that by the time the storyboards were done, the Nick execs were already laughing.
I'm ashamed of myself for not watching the episode!

In fact, I will watch it!

Right After The Break!

Ahh...The very first Spongebob episode that aired. A great start for the beginning of this awesome show. The anchovies scene was hilarious! It was like one giant sea of anchovies! :lol: I wonder how many were they. :smirk:
Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. The smelly smell that smells...smelly.

Smells like history in the making.
Not only is the style of this episode great, and fits along with my 90's cartoons tastes (most of the first season of spongebob does), it is indeed actually really good for a beginning episode for a series. It's just a shame it hasn't been on nick for years, guess I'll have to end up buying the boxset to watch it. =/
Just remember that it's not on the Season 1 boxset, so you won't be disappointed. It's an extra on the Season 3 DVD.
Seriously though, does anyone know what Nick stopped playing it with the first episode? If they do it to allow more commercials, that's ridiculous.
I don't remember Nick playing the first episode without Help Wanted, but to be fair, I haven't seen the first episode aired in a while.
Also, I have the Complete First Season on DVD, but I don't know why this episode isn't on any of the three discs for some reason. 0_o
Nickelodeon had trouble licensing that Tiny Tim song for the DVD, but like I said before, it's included on the Season 3 boxset in all its nostalgic glory.
I love the animation used in the episode, it feels like watching a much older cartoon from the earlier 90s. :)
I love the animation used in the episode, it feels like watching a much older cartoon from the earlier 90s. :)

I'd have to agree. I wish the rest of the SpongeBob episodes were like this, but oh well. It's a pretty good episode to start off the series. ;)
JSYK, you can now watch this episode on Netflix. (If you have an account)
Help Wanted just gives me a good feeling every time I see it... from the motivational Patrick to the unsuspecting actions of SpongeBob, it's all part of a classic