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  1. Spandy Outta Water

    Weasel Presents.... Another SpongeBuddy Mania Exclusive!! (Just remove everybody except SpongeBob and Sandy....and Patrick too since they need someone to ride on) Sandy and SpongeBob are now dating and decided to go on a special date: the beach....outta water. SpongeBob grabs a water helmet...
  2. Blowing into Town

  3. Spongeo

    The Everyday Life of Squidward Tentacles (TELOST)

    Ok everyone I made a fanfic of Squidward (my first fanfic!) the title sounds boring but it is basically everyday adventures of Squidward! (Note: I am in the middle of a better Squidward fanfic so I am showing you this one) This fanfic is PG so its not inappropriate for anyone here...