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Season 1
Help WantedReef BlowerTea at the TreedomeBubblestandRipped PantsJellyfishingPlankton!Naughty Nautical NeighborsBoating SchoolPizza DeliveryHome Sweet PineappleMermaidman and BarnacleboyPicklesHall MonitorJellyfish JamSandySqueaky BootsNature PantsOpposite DayCulture ShockF.U.N.MuscleBob BuffPantsSquidward, the Unfriendly GhostThe ChaperoneEmployee of the MonthScaredy PantsI Was A Teenage GarySB-129Karate ChoppersSleepy TimeSudsValentineThe PaperArrgh!Rock BottomTexasWalking SmallFools in AprilNeptuneHookyMermaidman and Barnacleboy II

Season 2
Your ShoeSquidSomething SmellsBossy BootsBig Pink LoserBubble BuddyDying for PieImitation KrabsWormyPatty HypeGrandmaSquidvillePrehibernation WeekLife of CrimeChristmas Who?Survival of the IdiotsDumpedNo Free RidesIMermaidman and Barnacleboy IIISquirrel JokesPressureThe Smoking PeanutShanghaiedGary Takes a BathWelcome to the Chum BucketFrankendoodleThe Secret BoxBand GeeksGraveyard ShiftKrusty LoveProcrastinationISailor MouthArtist UnknownJellyfish HunterThe Fry Cook GamesSandy, SpongeBob, and the WormSquid On Strike

Season 3
The AlgaeSpongeGuard On DutyClub SpongeBobMy Pretty SeahorseJust One BiteThe BullyNasty PattyIdiot BoxMermaidman and Barnacleboy IVDoing TimeSnowball EffectOne Krabs TrashAs Seen On TVCan You Spare A Dime?No Weenies AllowedSquilliam ReturnsKrab BorgRock-A-Bye BivalveWet PaintersKrusty Krab Training VideoParty Pooper PantsChocolate With NutsMermaidman and Barnacleboy VNew Student StarfishClamsUghThe Great Snail RaceMid-Life CrustaceanBorn Again KrabsI Had An AccidentKrabby LandThe Camping EpisodeMissing IdentityPlanktonThe Sponge Who Could FlySpongeBob Meets the StranglerPranks A Lot

Season 4
Fear of a Krabby PattyShell of a ManThe Lost MattressKrabs vs PlanktonHave You Seen This Snail?Skill CraneGood NeighborsSelling OutFunny PantsDunces and DragonsEnemy-In-LawMermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion PicturePatrick SmartpantsSquidBob TentaclePantsKrusty TowersMrs. Puff, YouChimps AhoyGhost HostWhale of a BirthdayKarate IslandAll That GlittersWishing You WellNew LeafOnce BittenBummer VacationWigstruckSquidtastic VoyageThatThe ThingHocus PocusDriven to TearsRule of DumbBorn To Be WildBest FrenemiesThe Pink PurloinerSquid WoodBest Day EverThe Gift of Gum

Season 5
Friend or FoeThe Original Fry CookNight LightRise and ShineWaitingFungus Among UsSpy BuddiesBoat SmartsGood OlNew DigsKrabs à La ModeRoller CowardsBucket Sweet BucketTo Love A PattyBreath of Fresh SquidwardMoney TalksSpongeBob vs. The Patty GadgetSlimy DancingThe Krusty SpongeSing a Song of PatrickA Flea in Her DomeThe Donut of ShameThe Krusty PlateGoo Goo GasLe Big SwitchAtlantis SquarepantisPicture DayPat No PayBlackjackBlackened SpongeMermaidman vs SpongeBobThe Inmates of SummerTo Save a SquirrelPest of the West20,000 Patties Under the SeaBattle of Bikini BottomWhat Ever Happened to SpongeBob?The Two Faces of SquidwardSpongeHengeBanned in Bikini BottomStanley S. SquarePants

Season 6
House FancyKrabby RoadPenny FoolishNautical NoviceSpongicusSuction Cup SymphonyNot NormalGoneThe SplinterSlide Whistle StoogesA Life in a DaySun BleachedGiant SquidwardNo Nose KnowsPatty CaperPlanktonBoating BuddiesThe Krabby KronicleThe Slumber PartyGrooming GarySpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big OnePorous PocketsChoir BoysKrusty KrushersThe CardDear VikingsDitchinGrandpappy the PirateCephalopod LodgeSquidTo SquarePants or Not to SquarePantsShuffleboardingProfessor SquidwardPet or PestsKomputer OverloadGullible PantsOverbookedNo Hat for PatToy Store of DoomSand Castles in the SandShell ShockedChum Bucket SupremeSingle Cell AnniversaryTruth or SquarePineapple FeverChum CavernsThe Clash of Triton

Season 7
Tentacle-VisionI ♥ DancingGrowth SpoutStuck in the WringerSomeoneThe Inside JobGreasy BuffoonsModel SpongeKeep Bikini Bottom BeautifulA Pal for GaryYours, Mine and MineKracked KrabsThe Curse of Bikini BottomSquidward in ClarinetlandSpongeBobBack to the PastThe Bad Guy Club for VillainsA Day Without TearsSummer JobOne Coarse MealGary in LoveThe PlayRodeo DazeGrammaThe Cent of MoneyThe Monster Who Came to Bikini BottomWelcome to the Bikini Bottom TriangleThe Curse of the HexThe Main DrainTrenchbilliesSponge-Cano!The Great Patty CaperThat Sinking FeelingKarate StarBuried in TimeEnchanted Tiki DreamsThe Abrasive SideEarwormHide and Then What Happens?Shellback ShenanigansThe MasterpieceWhelk AttackYou DonTunnel of GloveKrusty DogsThe Wreck of the Mauna LoaNew Fish in TownLove That SquidBig Sister SamPerfect Chemistry

Season 8
Accidents Will HappenThe Other PattyDrive ThruThe Hot ShotA Friendly GameSentimental SpongeFrozen Face-OffSquidwardOral ReportSweet and Sour SquidThe Googly ArtisteA SquarePants Family VacationPatrickWalking the PlanktonMooncationMr. Krabs Takes a VacationGhoul FoolsMermaidman BeginsPlanktonBarnacle FacePet Sitter PatHouse SittinSmoothe Jazz at Bikini BottomThe Way of the SpongeBubble TroublesThe Krabby Patty That Ate Bikini BottomBubble Buddy ReturnsRestraining SpongeBobFiasco!Are You Happy Now?Planet of the JellyfishFree SamplesHome Sweet RubbleKaren 2.0InSPONGEiacFace Freeze!Glove World R.I.P.SquiditisDemolition DoofusTreats!For Here or To GoItSuper Evil Aquatic Villain Team Up Is Go!Chum FricasseeThe Good Krabby NameMove It or Lose ItHello Bikini Bottom!

Season 9
Extreme SpotsSquirrel RecordPatrick-Man!GaryLicense to MilkshakeSquid BabyLittle Yellow BookBumper to BumperEek, an Urchin!Squid DefenseJailbreak!Evil SpatulaIt Came From Goo LagoonSafe Deposit KrabsPlanktonDonSéance SchméanceKenny the CatYeti KrabsSpongeBob, YouLost In Bikini BottomTutor SauceSquid Plus OneThe Executive TreatmentCompany PicnicPull Up A BarrelSanctuary!WhatPatrick! the GameThe Sewers of Bikini BottomSpongeBob LongPantsLarryThe Fish BowlMarried to MoneyMall Girl PearlTwo Thumbs DownSharks vs PodsCopyBob DittoPantsSold!Lame and FortuneGoodbye, Krabby Patty?SandyBulletin BoardFood Con CastawaysSnail MailPineapple InvasionSalsa ImbecilicusMutiny on the KrustyThe Whole Tooth

Season 10
WhirlybrainsMermaidPantsUnreal EstateCode YellowMimic MadnessHouse WormingSnooze You LoseKrusty KateringSpongeBobPlankton Gets the BootLife InsuranceBurst Your BubblePlankton RetiresTrident TroubleThe Incredible Shrinking SpongeSportz?The GetawayLost and FoundPatrickOut of the PictureFeral FriendsDon

Season 11
Cave Dwelling SpongeThe Clam WhispererSpot ReturnsThe CheckupSpin the BottleThereManRay ReturnsLarry the Floor ManagerThe Legend of Boo-Kini BottomNo Pictures, PleaseStuck on the RoofKrabby Patty Creature FeatureTeacherSanitation InsanityBunny HuntSquid NoirScavenger PantsCuddle E. HugsPat the HorseChatterbox GaryDonDrive HappyOld Man PatrickFun-Sized FriendsGrandmumDoodle DimensionMoving Bubble BassHigh Sea DivingBottle BurglarsMy Leg!Ink LemonadeMustard OShopping ListWhale WatchingKrusty KleanersPatnocchioChefBobPlankton ParanoiaLibrary CardsCall the CopsSurf nGoons on the MoonAppointment TVKarenThe Grill is GoneThe Night PattyBubbletownGirls Night OutSquirrel JellyThe String

Season 12
FarmerBobGary & SpotThe NitwittingThe Ballad of Filthy MuckPineapple RVGaryKing PlanktonPlanktonStormy WeatherSwamp MatesOne Trick SpongeThe Krusty BucketSquidSandyInsecurity GuardsBroken AlarmKarenShell GamesSenior DiscountMind the GapDirty Bubble ReturnsJolly LodgersBiddy SittingSpongeBob in RandomLandSpongeBobHandemoniumBreakinBoss for a DayEscape from Glove World

Season 13
A Place for PetsLockdown for Love

The SpongeBob SquarePants MovieThe SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water

Atlantis by Vantis
Are We There Yet?Crusty EyesOur Big Road Trip
Astrology With Squidward
Best Day Ever
Crossing The StreetAnything for BabyFlowers for SandyMe MoneyPie
The Big Help
SpongeBob & You Save the Big BlueEducate and Activate 1Educate and Activate 2
SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One
Separation AnxietySurfing DreamsSpongeBoard
The Great Patty Caper
What If The Mystery Ended This Way...?GumShoe SquarePantsSpongeLock Holmes and Dr. Patson
The Endless SummerBike Safety TipsMovie EtiquettePlankton. A Thank You Would Be Nice.
Friend or Foe
Loop Dee LoopRemodelingCan
What If SpongeBob Was Gone?
What If SpongeBob Was Gone? #1What If SpongeBob Was Gone? #2What If SpongeBob Was Gone? #3What If SpongeBob Was Gone? #4
Moldy SpongeGary
Kid's Choice Awards
Nicktoons BattleBlimpPlankton2000 Kid2019 Kid
SpongeBob's Last Stand
Jellyfish Fields PSAJellyfishing Safety TipsTrauma!
Legends of Bikini Bottom
SpongeBobThe Legend of SpongeBobThings To Do When Encountering a Legendary Creature
A Chuckie Finster Christmas, Channukah, Kwaanza, Winter Solice Holiday PartyHow The You-Know-Who Stole You-Know-What!Patrick the SnowmanPlanktonThe 12 Days of NickmasPatrick the Snowman 2
Back to the Past
Time MachineLessons LearnedAnd Krabs Saves the Day
Pest of the West
Sea Horse Riding Made EasySpurskate"Saloon Door Sorrows" Starring SpongeBuckYokel to Tough Guy
Social Media
SpongeBob Checks His InstaclamPatrick Checks His InstaclamSpongeBob Checks His Snapper Chat
A SquarePants Family Vacation
Truth or Square
BalloonsJuicemanTrafficThe Outfit
The Clash of Triton
You Bring the Color
PlanktonBad Neighbor BluesGreen Stuff