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The Wonder of Marine Ecology and Diversity of Life!

Here at SpongeBuddy Mania, we believe that there is more to life than cartoons. We love the little square dude, but sometimes it's even cooler to look beyond the show and find out about the fascinating real creatures that inspired the characters in SpongeBob - as well as many others who aren't featured in the show, but are quite something in their own right! 

Earth's oceans are essential to life both on land and in the sea, home to innumerable biological forms and important geological processes, affecting the planet's atmosphere, and providing essential resources on which people and other animals rely.

We hope to expand this short introduction into a fully-developed corner of the website. In line with the setting and characters of SpongeBob, we will focus primarily on marine life and ecology, but we hope to include information on terrestrial habitats and creatures as well. As any well-trained biologist or ecologist would tell you, biotic and abiotic factors influence a myriad amount of life, both near and far - and as such, it is hard to appreciate life at sea without considering life on land, and vice-versa.

For the moment, we would like to point you toward some educational and informative websites that we hope you will find interesting. If you're like us, you'll find it hard not to marvel at the beauty and complexity of the natural world, both under the sea and above it.


Ocean Futures

BBC Earth

Discovery! Oceans

Animal Planet - Marine Life


Earth's Oceans

NOAA Marine Sanctuaries Library


Smithsonian Marine Station

Association of Zoos and Aquariums

And of course, if you have any suggestions for this new section of our site, or would like to help out (research, writing, design) please don't hesitate to contact one of the staff. Happy learning! (And remember, your school or local library is another great resource to find information on marine life or anything else!)