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Something Smells

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Airdate:October 26, 2000
Season: 2
Prod. Number: 22a
Air Number: 21a
Paired With:Bossy Boots
Directors:Aaron Springer (storyboard), Edgar Larrazabal (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Writers:Aaron Springer, C.H. Greenblatt, Merriwether Williams
Plot:SpongeBob can't understand why everyone keeps running away from him.
On Video:
Nautical Nonsense Nautical Nonsense & Sponge Buddies The Complete 2nd Season The First 100 Episodes

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"Just one more thing! Pea... ...nuts. Gary! Our peanut jar is totally empty! Hmmm... Wait! I know one other place we can find peanuts. Good thing I still have these peanut plants growing in the windowsill. A little texture never hurt. There we go. This sundae’s gonna taste great! Aren’t you going to help me, Gary? Gary? Oh well, more for me! You know what they say, Gary. I’m easy like Sunday morning. Okay, let’s see my to-do list. Go to work, go to work, go to work, go to work, go to work...wait, that’s not right. I need the one for Sunday. Ah, here we go. 'Say hi to everyone in Bikini Bottom'. Hello. Some people are even late on Sunday. Hi mailfish! Hi, Mrs. crossing guard!"

"Mother of mercy!"
-Crossing Guard