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Goodbye, Krabby Patty?

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Airdate:February 20, 2017
@7:00 pm EST
Season: 9
Prod. Number: 200
Air Number: 200
Directors:Fred Osmond (Storyboard), Sherm Cohen, Dave Cunningham (Supervising), Vincent Waller (Creative), Marc Ceccarelli (Animatic), Alan Smart, Tom Yasumi (Animation)
Writers:Kyle McCulloch
Plot:Mr. Krabs looks for business advice from an ad executive, since he wants to start his own line of frozen Krabby Patties.
On Video:
The Complete Ninth Season

Jon Hamm will star as Don Grouper and there will be a book about this special to be coming out in January.
Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"The next day..."

"Thank you everyone for coming to this gala event celebrating the meteoric success of Frozen Krabby Patties. In honor of this momentous occasion, we are going to premiere our 400th commercial."
-Don Grouper