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Airdate:April 11, 2012
Season: 8
Prod. Number: 173a
Air Number: 211
Paired With:Demolition Doofus
Directors:Aaron Springer (storyboard), Vincent Waller (creative), Tom Yasumi (animation)
Writers:Aaron Springer and Derek Iversen
Plot:When Squidward goes home sick with a fake illness, SpongeBob HypochondriacPants thinks he's caught it for real!
On Video:
The Complete Eighth Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"I figured I can't make you well Squidward but can at least make you comfortable. I brought hot compresses, the good kind with snail butter and even a romantic comedy for us to watch. I know they're suppose to be funny, but I always cry."

"I told ye I could run this place all by meself. Blindfolded with one me claw tied behind me back."
-Mr. Krabs