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Grooming Gary

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Airdate:November 28, 2008
Season: 6
Prod. Number: 110b
Air Number: 123b
Paired With:The Slumber Party
Directors:Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas (storyboard), Vincent Waller (creative), Alan Smart (animation)
Writers:Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Dani Michaeli
Plot:SpongeBob gives Gary a makeover to compete in a pet show, and Gary can't stand the primping. As it turns out, neither can any of the competitors!
On Video:
To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants Season 6 Volume 1 The Complete Sixth Season

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"Bikini Bottom pet show today! Good thing I put those notes there, otherwise I could have forgotten. And I wouldn't want to do that because the Bikini Bottom pet show is where you gotta go to see the best pets in town. Not that any other pet can take a chance against my buddy Gary. He's the bestest pet in the whole world. Love you, Gare bear. Whoa-oh, the show starts in an hour! Hey, Gare, time to... Gary? Whoa! Gary! Gary? Gary? Gary?"