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Never Give Up

Episode: Hello Bikini Bottom!

Squidward, you must look inward
And then I'm sure that you will see
What an awesome band we still could be
Oh please don't quit on us now
I can not allow this to be our last bow
Now Now Now, No No No, Nay Nay Nay, Ne Ne Ne
Ne Ne Never give up
Don't ever give up
We can't let Mr. Krabs to go bankrupt
We must keep busy, never giving uuuuUUUUUUP

How did I not see this plan was a failure from the start
Being around SpongeBob is bad for my heart
And that's not even the worst part...
Supermarkets, retirement homes, birthday parties for kids
My career in music really feels like it has hit the skids
I give up
There is no point
I give up
Mr. Krabs will have to go bankrupt
While I'm busy, bitterly giving up.

Don't you see
Mr. Krabs needs us terribly
We've got it in us to be a huge success
You and I can't settle for leeeeeEEEES
I promise myself not to shed this tear

It's getting really cold out here
And I'm 400 miles from home, it would appear
And my feet are hurting, oh dear I fear
This tentacleitis is pretty... severe


I should probably give up
On this giving up today
This is the part where I turn around and play

This is the part where I stand up and play...

SpongeBob and Squidward together
Take a deep breath
In an emotional way...
'Cause with this instrument is how I say

Guitar and Clarinet Duo