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Kitchen Sponge

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Airdate:March 4, 2021
@3:01 am EST
Season: 1
Prod. Number: 4b
Air Number: 4b
Paired With:In Search of Camp Noodist
Directors:Brian Morante (Storyboard), Dave Cunningham (Supervising)
Writers:Andrew Goodman
Plot:SpongeBob helps Plankton at the Krusty Kanteen, leading to the development of a very familiar sandwich.

- Some of the episode is in the traditional 2D animation style from the SpongeBob SquarePants show.
- Plankton's king outfit is the same from "King Plankton" episode of SpongeBob SquarePAnts
- SpongeBob's eyelashes are missing when he tells Sandy "See you later!"
- Premiered on Nickelodeon at 7:15 pm on September 24, 2021.