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Legend of the Lost Bathroom (Episodes)

The Patrick Show Land (Episodes)

Who's the Dummy Now? (Episodes)

Star-Robics (Episodes)

Unidentified Flailing Octopus (Episodes)

UpWard (Episodes)

All Bot Myself (Episodes)


Which new episode was the best? (7/15-7/18):
In the Mood to Feud
Hysterical History

Upcoming Episodes

SpongeBob SquarePants

Sheldon SquarePants - Jul 23 @5:01pm EST

Sammy Suckerfish - Jul 24 @5:01pm EST

Big League Bob - Jul 25 @5:01pm EST

The Patrick Star Show

Pick Patrick's Path - Jul 23 @4:34pm EST

Time to Eat - Jul 24 @4:34pm EST

Cleanin' House - Jul 25 @4:34pm EST

The Fun Bucket - Jul 29

The Patrick Show After Dark - Jul 30

Chopping Spree - Jul 31

All Bot Myself - Aug 1

Star-Robics - Aug 5

Who's the Dummy Now? - Aug 6

The Patrick Show Land - Aug 7

Legend of the Lost Bathroom - Aug 8

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