What Musical Instrument do you Play?



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I play 2 brass instruments.

For Marching Band Season (July-October, sometimes November; and May but that's for Memorial Day) I play a Trumpet (Bb)

For Concert Band (October-May) I'm playing a new instrument this year, a Baritone! (But the Baritone is actually the tenor brass instrument believe it or not)

What about you?


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I play the Trombone and Piano. I used to play the trumpet.


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Play a little bit of drums.. and some pretty basic piano. Don't practice much so I'm not too good


Squidward Tortellini
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I play a few songs on the piano...but that's about it. I can strum a guitar and bang the drums...does that count? :sweat:


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None. I'm not interested in any instruments, because they aren't enjoyable nor are they interesting.

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I can play trumpet and French horn. I took a piano class in college for two semesters but I could not for the life of me get my pinky to reach past one octave. It was then that I accepted my fate that I would never be able to play piano... :|

I'm also an amateur singer, amateur like I don't sound bad but I also don't sound that great either. lol


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I'm a professional songwriter who plays piano very well, guitar decently, and bass badly. This is what happens when you procrastinate.


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I don't play any instruments lol, never was interested. Closest thing was when I played on the piano for fun when I was a little kid.


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I've recently been inspired to pick up the keyboard again!!
When I was 5 my mom would take me to her buddy's house for piano lessons and she told me I was pretty good for my age and she was real upset when I gave up after making a mistake in front of another student, I'm pretty sure that was just maternal pride though.

I've just been playing around with chords and memorizing notes, I picked up a couple songs though!! I can play the first seven notes in Dancing in The Show Tonight, a verse from TMBG's Doctor Worm, and Deck The Halls.

Just doing my best.