What do you want to get for Christmas?


Squidward Tortellini
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Is there anything on your wish list that you haven't asked (Squidward) Santa yet?


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An iPhone (never had a mobile phone I’ve kept for long now that I think about it), so I can finally confirm my Apple ID and submit to Big Jobs. But seriously, it’s for protection of all the files I have on my iPad, which I’ve owned for 3 years and used to write all my reviews and make all my videos. I need a new device that hasn’t reduced to a 15 minute battery life.


Squidward Tortellini
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Hopefully everyone does this as they get older, but clothes are still a need and really nothing else I would want. I'm grateful for the clothes I get now because it's easier for my parents to get me something since they know what works for me and what doesn't.

TattleTale Strangler

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The boring stuff -- bills paid, mostly. I asked if someone would be willing to get me a Roomba for Christmas but that isn't happening :|

What I want most of all is to hang out with my friends. We're planning a "Friendsmas party." I'm also wearing an ugly Christmas sweater to work and I'm hoping to see a lot of other people wearing ugly sweaters too.



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The main thing I want to get is Smash Ultimate so I can play with Whisper. <3

(also overwatch)


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I really want Smash Ultimate, don't even care what else I get this year as long as I get that.