The Complete Thirteenth Season releasing December 5

I'd love Blu-rays. They're especially needed for the HD seasons. I'd buy them day 1, but I don't know if Paramount would see it being profitable enough to do. Most are satisfied with streaming, although I think physical media is going to be more sought after eventually. You're at the mercy of the streaming service to watch what you want, if they decide something on there shouldn't be on there or a contract expires, it's gone. I own 4 DVDs with Mid-Life Crustacean on them and as much as it annoys me that they've tried to erase that episode, I'm glad that I still have a way to see it.
Well, they did release a lot of their old films back in 2021 (notably Good Burger and Mouse Hunt), so it's not out of the possibilities...

Also, it should be noted that if a SpongeBob Blu Ray is released, it's likely going to be one that'll celebrate its 25th anniversary as well as being aimed at collectors.
That's true, the SpongeBob Musical was quietly released on Blu-ray (never seen it in stores, just online so I'm guessing it was a more limited release) and they've released complete series of classic shows on Blu-ray (like The Andy Griffith Show) so there's not really any reason why they couldn't do a box set of Blu-rays. It's one of Paramount's biggest franchises and Nickelodeon's biggest.
So apparently someone already has the DVD and ESB has been updated with more info about it. The menu designs are identical to the 12th season DVD, only this one has no images for each episode in the episode selection. Also the last several episodes don't have the Spanish/French dubs. And of course Kwarantined Krab is nowhere to be found. Completely lazy release. I know DVDs are a dying media but the lack of effort is really bad.