The A-Ha project

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Aug 30, 2005
[post note: didnt know if this was the right spot for ideas for fan submissions currently in what you would call the "alpha" stage of planning A.K.A. I am still making concepts on the main idea and am requesting for some extra help on it, so if this needs moved, feel free to, im clueless when it comes to putting things in the right place. lol]

Yes, I thought of a freat idea out of the many that I have that is actually a good one...i think, you be the judge. :scooter:

Anyway, yes here's the idea: I remember seeing more than once the ever-famous music video for the song "take on me" by A-Ha, the musical band group thing and thiking "how do they do that?" yeah, well, now i sorta know most of how and now have most of the resources to do a spin-off or as you would also call a parody of the music video, BUT have it in a Spongebob theme. I do have a concept outline currently in my mind on how it could all play out, except for some parts, but i wont get into detail until i know i am ready to go into detail on this stuff. I dont even know if i have the time or if it is possible yet for me to accomplish this. I do need some skilled artists in Macromedia Flash possibly (which will be it's format, so that it's easier to add in special effects such as a hand coming out of a book and such. Kinda hard to do that on a video with Windows Movie Maker unless you wanted it to look fake.), and also some VERY talented sketch drawer(s). I am sorta wondering if it would be at all possible to get Angelene's Dreams from TFBB in on this possibly. She'd be great on this sorta thing judging from the art in the TFBB ga;lleries. I can draw most sketches, but my hands would be gone if I did every entire sketch for the thing. If you havent seen this video, most of the video is drawn as rough sketches moving around basically with some live action added in.

Like i said, ill give more detail out when i do have help, and also i dont want to go about this as bossy; i want some insight because two heads are always better than one, so whos with me? *cricket noises*