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ssj is a grown man who still posts on a SpongeBob forum. Who does he think he is? Me?

JCM said:
Ssj is a 28-year-old on a SpongeBob-related website.

Every joke after this doesn't matter.
JCM is so unoriginal he can't even come up with original ways to tease the most-teased person in site history.

And he's about to get banned for double posting.
JCM is so stupid he doesn't even realize that double posts merge on here. And he's so arrogant that he's turned this into the "tease JCM topic".


totally active
^ Well then.

ssj doesn't make meat spaghetti like a normal person.
and also defends horrible people.


Chop those gravy bars
ssj is a grown man who watches the nicktoons version of dragon ball z in his basement everyday and occasionally goes on sbm to roast people

did i mention he's a grown adult


a d u l t