SpongeBob renewed for Season 13



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I'm glad that SpongeBob has a 13th season, but isn't 13 seasons a bit long? But anyway,I'm still very excited for season 13, but what if we had a season 14?


Use your imagination...

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Hang on

Season 1: 1-20 (20 episodes)
Season 2: 21-40 (20 episodes)
Season 3: 41-60 (20 episodes)
Season 4: 61-80 (20 episodes)
Season 5: 81-100 (20 episodes)
Season 6: 101-126 (26 episodes)
Season 7: 127-152 (26 episodes)
Season 8: 153-178 (26 episodes)
Season 9: 179-204 (26 episodes)
Season 10: 205-215 (11 episodes)
Season 11: 216-241 (26 episodes)
Season 12: 242-267 (26 episodes)

So if Season 13 had 26 episodes too...
Season 13: 268-294 (26 episodes)

That’s just 6 episodes away from hitting 300 episodes...

By the way, do you think Season 13 will end up becoming a post-second movie Season or a post-third Movie Season?


I absolutely love this show but I must say I'm not too happy about this. They're burnt out, and I sense a jump the shark moment very soon (if they haven't already)


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I absolutely love this show, but I must say I'm not too happy about this. I fear that there will be a jump the shark moment very soon (if not already). They're burnt out! We have plenty of episodes to satisfy us forever! Don't ruin SpongeBob's name!

Scary 4-11

Larry The Lobster has been starring into your soul

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Looks like the 19 and 3/4th year library book has been renewed for the 13th time.


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tbh I'm kinda disappointed. but not surprised. Mostly because the show's mini "post-sequel resurgence" seems like it's already dying out.