SpongeBob is the top searched cartoon this year on Google

SpongeBob is currently more popular than the Simpsons. I can’t think of a single show more popular than SpongeBob and I watch plenty of live action shows as well….
you're talking about currently I am talking about of all time both Simpsons and Spongebob are tied for most popular show
I'm glad about this! But I have to admit I'm kind of surprised. I thought there would be another cartoon that's currently more popular and searched. I can't think of one for sure though atm
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Hi all! Please can we get back to the topic of this thread? I have had to delete nine off-topic replies. Does anyone know how long SpongeBob SquarePants has been Google's most searched cartoon for?
I don’t know…. maybe over many years
Not suprised. SpongeBob is not only the most popular show on the planet but it’s likely the most well known show on TV.
Actually SpongeBobs never been close to top watched cartoon on tv. Cartoon Network used to be #1 until they fumbled hard with crap like cn real and their terrible 2010s onward shows.

I mean look at the insane dozens of millions of viewers DBZ had on toonami. Literally 80+ million by the end of DBZ,GT, og dragonball. Courage the cowardly dog,dexters lab,ect had similar numbers on cartoon cartoon Fridays. Source: Nelson ratings and their literal promos bragging about stupidly high viewership numbers:

Literally 80+ million by the end of DBZ,GT, og dragonball.
I'm sorry but that sounds like hyperbole to the extreme. If the viewership were that high then way more people would be talking about that achievement to this day. Sure, those shows definitely were and still are popular during their time, but i doubt it was THAT popular. Also, the Nicktoons Channel promo from 2002 mentioned that the Rugrats All Grown Up Special was "the highest rated kids program ever" at the time that it came out and that special more then likely came out after all those shows you mentioned.
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SpongeBob still resonates with many people since it began nearly 25 years ago...the show even has two spin-offs!