Some announcements from Douglas-Z

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Sep 22, 2005
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Announcement One: Invaders of Karate

Once I'm done with the first few scenes of Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie, I'll put Nickelodeon INVADED: Wand From Outer Space! back into production. However, the fourth chapter with El Tigre no longer exists since I now lost my interest in that show. Instead, there will simply just be four chapters of the series.

Announcement Two: Stevie on the Big Screen

By request of Homer Simpson, I will be doing a SteveBob on The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie. A SteveBob is my term for an actual SB episode or movie retold with the inclusion of Stevie in it. This incldues Homer Simpson's "Steve-haied" and my upcoming fic "Atlantis Steve-antis".

The SteveBob will be entitled The SpongeBob SquarePants and Stevie Movie and will be scene-specific, meaning it'll only touch on various aspects of the film. Basically, it revolves around Stevie joining Sponge and Pat on their journey to recover King Neptune's crown and saving Bikini Bottom.

I will be starting The SpongeBob SquarePants and Stevie Movie soon after Kay-Rah-Tae: The Movie is finished.

Announcement Three: Get Ready for Patchy

Patchy the Pirate is now my favorite character on the show, and thus, I will be including him a lot more in my Season 10 fics.

SpongeNerd CoolPants, the Season 10 premiere, will be a Patchy special. Patchy will be celebrating the episode as the Season 10 premiere and admitting to his creation of the special theme song variant that'll be used in the episode, right before he gets into an intense food fight with Potty.

Atlantis Steve-antis will feature the Patchy segments from AS, each with a random Stevie gag, such as Stevie signing a song on Patchy's radio and even *gasp* LIVE-ACTION STEVIE!!! :P :P =O

Another SpongeBob Clip Show will still be a Patchy special, and will revolve around Patchy's grocery shopping.

Announcement Four: Bigger, Better, and With 20% New Text!

I will be upgrading my out-of-date fanfic guide by creating "The New Douglas-Z Fanfic Guide". It'll have even more fan character art, more up-to-date episode listings, and even news bulletins of upcoming fics and such! I'll be starting this new fanfic guide as I'm making SpongeNerd CoolPants.