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Jul 20, 2023
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This is a very simple question.
I have seen every single SpongeBob episode besides any from Season 12-13 (Friendiversery being an exceptence, I
pirated it :p)
I have the money to buy one Season first, and I may ask for the other for Christmas. So, should I buy Season 12 on DVD or Season 13 on DVD? What do you think is better to watch first? Or, just what you think is worth it more, since I can't be certain I'll get the other one.
Season 13 is a better season, with episodes ranging from meh to good. Season 12 is more entertaining, however, although with more scumbob. It really depends on what you prefer.
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This scene looks extremely Markerbob in Sun Bleached
download - 2023-11-28T003000.733.jpg
download - 2023-11-28T003055.686.jpg
Patrick's face is exactly the same too.