Season 11 quality bump

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IMO ever since Doodle Dimension(the first episode of the 2nd half of the season)Aired i noticed a major jump in quality.

While there's still a lot of visual wackiness, it's balanced out with some really funny jokes.That and it no longer has the infantile humor of season 10 and a few 1st half season 11 episodes.

Ink Lemonade still sucks however


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I can't quite agree, since Scavenger Pants and Teacher's Pests (my two favorites of that season) were in the first half. But the second half is still great save for Ink Lemonade.


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I disagree, there is no definitive quality jump in Season 11. I did notice more variety in the form of humor within the more recent Season 11 episodes (More of an attempt to implement dialogue humor), but really I wouldn't call it a shift in quality. Every time I see a new episode my overall opinion on this Season constantly changes

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I haven't noticed much of a bump in quality, but imo Season 10 and 11 are both a step below 9B, though they're all great. I will say that while I haven't kept up with the show as much as I used to, Chefbob was probably the episode that's made me laugh the most since 9B.



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I think it's balanced out enough to just say they shifted in comedy, it's still about the same quality from what I've seen.

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I feel like it bumped up a little again after Ink Lemonade. We got some very creative episodes last month and I enjoyed all of them in their own ways. The season overall has been a bumpy rollercoaster ride, but I'm hoping that the rest can maintain a good quality.


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I don't think there's been any consistent spike in quality so far. The most recent batch were largely unimpressive except ChefBob, we get about one or two above average ones out of every six or so mixed in with the typical mediocre season 11 fluff.