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The Nasty Patty is real!!

Spongebob seasons 5-8 are underrated to most fans out there.
I agree with that mostly but i'd still say there's really good reasons for some to dislike them
I feel that their are lots of episodes that are overlooked by people who claim 5-8 are bad, that are actually really good, such as "a friendly game" or "the main drain"
SpongeBob got away with 4 suicide jokes, the panty raid, every gross-up close-up From season 5 onwards & calling SpongeBob an accident
The last time I watched Atlantis SquarePantis and Truth or Square, I can't remember when. I don't even remember either TV movies at all, since I've only watched them once and didn't go back to them again. It was a very long time and Nickelodeon barely aired them at all. I will probably go back and watch them for a memory refresher as well as possibly making a full review on them in their own threads (although the latter is most likely doubtful).
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It's SpongeBob's birthday! He turns 34 today! :O

I enjoy the detail in the back