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Didn't see a recent thread.

So, some of us are starting school, some of us have cruddy school systems and started a couple weeks ago, and some of us have several weeks of vacation left. But, discuss your schedule, complains, positives, past experiences and more!


I'm in 7th, and here's the schedule:

1st: Health
2nd: Band
3rd: Waste of Time and Space
4th: ELA
5th: Math
6th: Japanese
7th: Science
8th: Social Studies


I get out May 26th, which is days later, than I thought which sorta sucks cause my summer is about half a week shorter (need all the time i can get), and I get out at 4:00, which is an abomination of an idea.


Pre K: Great I think
K: Near flawless year
1st: Near flawless year
2nd: Sort of bad
3rd: Decent
4th: Good but not great
5th: Near flawless year
6th: Mediocrity at it's worst


So yeah


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High School so far is going great for me. Made a couple new friends who used to be my old bullies :p , I get free lunch and since I have Tourette's, the teachers are going to be more chill with me and you get extra time on tests.


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I go back on Monday >:c. Fortunately, I only have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays :D.



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I'm in 6th, and it's going good so far. Here's my schedule:

1st: Language Arts
2nd: Language Arts (continued)
3rd: Spanish
4th: Social Studies
5th: Math
6th: Science
7th: Tech/P.E. (switches every week)

1st and 2nd: good
3rd: good
4th: good
5th: no
6th: good
7th: tech is no, haven't seen P.E. yet


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My school starts September 8th, going into 6th grade.

Junior Kindergarten - Liked it (meaning I loved it)
Senior Kindergarten - Liked it
1st Grade - It was alright
2nd Grade - Pretty good
3rd Grade - It was alright
4th Grade - Liked it (but this time not loving it, just a general like)
5th Grade (Last grade of Elementary) - Liked it (same as 4th, but like 2x better.)

Looking forward to 6th grade.


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Dang, you stole my idea. Anyway, this year I'm taking British Romanticism, Social Psychology, Women Writers, Holocaust & Literature, and Senior Seminar (basically a class where we write thesis-like papers). I'm not thrilled about the British class, but it's with a good teacher and I need to take it if I want to stay on track to graduate. Otherwise I'm really excited, except for maybe the seminar, where there's only three other students in it who are really talkative and who will screw up my participation grade.
But the good news is that I am DONE with science and math, forever and ever and ever! :D


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Welp, going back Wednesday. Wish me luck! I don't know my schedule though...

Pre-K: I don't even remember that far XP
K: Great
1st: Good (For the most part)
2nd: Great

And then it all goes downhill from here...

3rd: Bad
4th: Okay
5th: Bad
6th: Terribad
7th: Completely and utterly terrible

Hopefully 8th grade will be better.

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You spoiled Americans and your summer vacation. I'm so jealous of your vacation length.


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Kindergarten: Good times, good times
1st: Bad
2nd: Okay
3rd: Okay
4th: Meh
5th: Okay
6th: Okay
7th: Horrible
8th (so far): Hate it

Wow, you guys have a looooooooooong summer break. Here in Indonesia, it only last for about one month (this year from Jun 13-July 21) :(



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I start school on September 10th. I still don't know my schedule becuase it's a while till I have access--ALSO I ::dolphin noise:: HATE THE FACT THAT ITS MY JUNIOR YEAR :(


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Going up to college in about a week and I'll start my freshman year in probably the following week.
Unfortunately, because I get good grades or whatever, I have about two or three classes every single day (even a recitation on Sunday!) besides Saturday.


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10th grade schedule:
1st period: Advanced Algebra
2nd p: French
3rd: photography for 1st semester, drama for 2nd
4th: Honors English
5th: World History, then Economics
6th: Chemistry

My school life so far:
1st: Meh
2nd: Horrible
3rd: Awful
3rd again: Meh
4th: Bad
5th: Good
6th: good
7th: Great
8th: Awesome
9th: Meh
Mixed Bag overall. I hope my 10th grade life will be good...


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InvisibleCake18 said:
6th: Chemistry
Ack, chemistry. I'm sorry to hear that. Never my best subject.

Anyway, since other members are doing it, here's the official ranking of my years in school:

Kindergarten: Great
1st: Good
2nd: Awesome
3rd: Meh
4th: Awesome
5th: Good
6th: Awesome
7th: Great
8th: Awesome

I guess I went to a good school :p High school was pretty much all bad, but I'll rank them in order of relative badness:
9th: Meh
10th: Great
11th: Ew -.-
12th: Good

And now for college...
Freshman year: Great
Sophomore year: Awesome
Junior year: Great
And here's hoping for a great senior year! :)


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I really don't know when I'm going back, and I don't know my schedule for this year. Though, I can tell you what I had for 6th.

OD: Odd Days
ED: Even Days

NOTE: Sometimes, Language Arts and Social Studies would be reversed. Also, Math and Science would be reversed too.

0: Homeroom
1st: Math
2nd: Home Economics (1st and 2nd quarter), Health (3rd), Reading (4th)
3rd: Gym (OD)
Music (1st and 2nd quarter), Art (3rd and 4th) (ED)
4th: Language Arts
5th: Lunchtime
6th: Social Studies
7th: Study Skills
8th: Science


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Just writing a 2 page essay for Math took forever, mostly because of not doing an essay for 3 months ;~;.

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Grumpy Squidward Guy said:
I'm going back September 9th, and I absolutely despise school, I'm going into 8th grade
Lucky. I get back on the 8th, and I get my schedule this week.