SBM turns into a teenager (13 years)


Abney=last name
Dec 20, 2005
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Another year has gone by, and SBM is 13 years old now! It's always crazy to think how long this place has been around. A lot of new members and new posts have come through here as usual over the last year. Thanks to all the great members of SBM for making this place as awesome as it is.

Hope to see everyone back here again next anniversary! :sbsmiles:

Some new content and stuff will be added soon (hoping to get the new episode pictures up)
Our little site is finally a teenager!
The last eight and half years been alright.

sbm is a ok dude
Happy 13th anniversary, SBM! Welcome to the teenage years! :D
sbm is a teenager now! happy 13th!!
I have been almost 4 months i think and happy 13th anniversary, SBMania, I´ll be here until i´m 50 years old or when SpongeBob ends.
I knew SBMania debuted in 2004 but not on this day! Happy anniversary to this site!
13 Years, 13 bad words ;)
I was 2 when this site first debuted, now I'm 15.

Life is short, but what really matters, is that life sucks because it's short.

^That right there is gonna be my new quote, aw yeah.
Wow, SBM is finally a teenager! Congrats to ssj, abney, and everyone else for keeping this site up and running for so long.