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SBM Henry Danger Theme

Dec 16, 2015
San Bernardino
(ssj as Henry, Spongey34 as Captain Man)

ssj4gogita4: It all just kinda happened.

Spongey34: I met ssj somewhere.

ssj: I wanted an afterschool job.

Spongey34: And by accident, he would make me an admin.

ssj: We made this crazy site, and I found out that Spongey is a pretty interesting guy.

Spongey34: Now I protect the good citizens of SBMania...who call me

ssj: And he was...

Spongey34: You know the name

ssj: Spongey34!

Spongey34: That's right, ssj.

Spongey34: In time, I realized being full-time on this site was a lot to handle alone.

ssj: He needed some help.

Spongey34: I needed a full-time admin.

ssj: I, ssj4gogita4...

Spongey34: pledge to be an admin full-time...

ssj: and get rid of the pest members.

Spongey34: It is done.

ssj: Now we moderate SBM...

Spongey34: And ban pests.

ssj: Feels good.

(music begins to play as the theme shows the cast members)

ssj as Henry
Spongey34 as Captain Man
Aya❤ as Piper
DMAP as Charlotte


Space Pirate
Jul 3, 2015
Fuuto City
Prepare for obnoxious laugh tracks. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.