Sandy's Vacation in Ruins


I think this is honestly one the strangest things the Spongebob crew has made.

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Flabby Patty

Flabby Patty > Krusty Krab
Decent short episode. It obviously looks and feels a lot like a regular episode, but oh well.

Lots of cool gags and a neat story here. I really recommend this one to anyone, right? 9/10

Honest Slug

Ink Lemonade hurts me.
Just saw it in the Season 8 bonus features. It's cool and an interesting story. I just wish they did actual episodes that are shorts like in Season 5.
Only just watched this now. It was a good episode, I liked the joke about Spongebob and Sandy not seeming to be upside down until they find out that they are and the joke of the one thing "holding the room together" which they actually meant literally. 7.5/10