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Hello everyone. I guess I should start with a confession - that I haven't watched SpongeBob for over a year now. And to be honest, I don't think it's funny anymore... in fact watching season 1-3, I don't find it funny anymore! I didn't think that would ever happen. It appears my tastes have changed. So I doubt I'll be discussing it here. And since most members on here have left or are from America and have completely different culture interests than me... I probably won't visit as often. In fact I haven't been really for a while.

So anyway I recently started watching Countdown, this long running UK gameshow about numbers and letters, while I was off for a while and it got me reminiscing about Richard Whitely, the original host who sadly died in 2005 of a heart complication. Countdown hasn't been the same since and I doubt it will be. But I hope the new host Nick Hewer will get Countdown back up a bit. I hope so anyway. I miss Richard Whitely's wit and humour.

Also I started relistening to my first favourite band ever - LIghthouse Family! They truly did make one of the best albums ever with 'Ocean Drive'. If you've never listened to it, do it now! It's got to be of the most underhyped greatest albums ever. Their later albums 'Postcards from Heaven' and, wait for it, 'Whatever Gets You Through The Day' aren't as good in my opinion, which is unfortunate.

I've nearly finished my one-episode-a-weekday run of How I Met Your Mother thanks to a TV channel that has been airing it from the beginning. I've loved watching it - it's like getting a new episode of your favourite TV show every day. No waiting a week or a few months. I've also been watching it at the same time as the new season 6/7 episodes - so that's been pretty cool.

So that's where I'm up to.


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Hey TDK... just think if everyone got back on then it wouldn't just be nostalgia... it would be "now"


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Unfortunately I'm not an awesome member or something. 8C

Hi guys my life is now a mess. (And by that I mean it's going pretty well discounting all the work I get in school. I'm not even in college yet what giiiiives) If anyone cares, I've been pretty interested in engineering lately, especially on the software side. (Btw, if anyone here has heard of FRC, I'm in team 1885. The purple team.) I've also been having increasing tendencies towards sarcasm, but I'm sure you guys will still find me lovable as always. Hmm. I hope everyone still loves me < 3 BECAUSE I LOVE ALL OF YOU BACK, I PROMISE C: If anyone needs a userbar, I'll be here for a day or six weeks or thirty seconds or so. Or if anyone needs help with calculus, I can do that too eheh. Yep.


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No seriously even through all these years you're still one of my favorite people here

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Been good. Gettin ready to finally complete high school. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Glad to see you again. Missed you.


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I may come on everyday but most of the time i do not post. I just do my rounds and the get the heck out.

I haven't watched Spongebob in months mostly because of the homework i have.

I'm a junior and its stressful. I have an AP class that really requires attention. I'm taking Chemistry also and its killing me.

I'm taking this class called "Stagecraft" where i'm in the background of shows. I enjoy it a lot. The class is full of boys which makes me happy.

I still like musicals of coarse. I recently saw Wicked at the Panteges which is awesome.

Being a junior isn't easy when you're addicted to rage comics.

Um that's it about me. Sometimes when i come on here and see a new younger person under the age of 14, i think about when i first came here and totally made myself look stupid. heheh

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Oh goodness rage comics. Have you heard of a place called reddit? Because if you haven't, never ever ever go in. Seriously. It is intermediate-level 4chan. And it takes some real dedication to get out of it once you've been trapped inside. ...I made the mistake ;^; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

But anyway, there are rage comics all over that site. The whole website is pretty easy to like too, since there's something there for everybody. (Atheists and liberals, especially, but that's just a side note)


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Ditto to what my sister said basically except for the little facts that I am not in Stagecraft. I am in AP english as well. Chemistry is hard but I am in General Chemistry. I come here only when I go on our computer to check the webcomics I am into. I barely watch Spongebob because other shows have captured my attention.

I am discovering new things on the internet like Rage comics and I have not visited Reddit yet because I am afraid of the trap (also the reason I haven't visited 4chan)

I usually go on here to reply to the random pictures forum and then I go to other picture sharing sites.

Yup that's about it I hope.

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What's that? You need more awesome old members to come back? Well... I can't help you with that, but I'm back anyway.

What have I been up to? Well, much like PhilipB, my tastes have changed. I can't be entertained by SpongeBob anymore. It just... doesn't click for me anymore.

Meanwhile, I've become obsessed with Doctor Who. That show is awesome sauce. David Tennant FTW. I've also been playing a lot of GAEMS, and I just got accepted into the community college I've been seeking to get into, where I'm aiming to major in computer sciences. First choice is the bomb.

I should probably also mention that I have a Twitter, BlazingRarispy, and I'll probably always be more active there than on here. My YouTube is also GalladeRoxas1. Might upload some personal webcam videos eventually.

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Oh. Apparently everyone is into computer science now.

By the way, if anyone wants somewhere I'm a lot more active, hmu on Tumblr.