New information about old episode airdates (did we get Season 2 WRONG?)


The Dudening
Feb 26, 2016
Auckland, New Zealand
NickAndMore has made its own episode guide for SpongeBob episodes, adding when in the day they aired, and if it was during a special event or block, which I think can be very useful for other Nick historians. However, most of the information about when Season 2 episodes aired is rather different from how it’s previously been recorded on the internet.
Almost the entirety of Season 2‘s airing order here is based on the earliest known discussion of the episodes, as well as how Nickelodeon dates them on iTunes, the latter of which I thought was accidentally going by the Canadian airdates or something. Going by this system however, it seems almost all of the season’s previously documented airdates are several weeks earlier than reality, and the Season 1 finale Hooky/MMBB 2 aired in March 3rd 2001, meaning that not even Season 1 aired in less than a year, or in a real self-contained season!

If you older forum-dwellers have any evidence that these episodes premiered as early as we’d thought for the longest time, indeed did air on these new dates, or perhaps even later than what this revised information says, this would be vital to NickAndMore’s research. It’ll be good to get more solid facts about SpongeBob’s history, and these new airdates and their final verification measures will be a massive step forward.