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Forgot to post my phone backgrounds. And yes, I'm still using iOS 6. Deal with it.

Both of these are from my trip to NY. Never gets old.

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I'm a huge fan of Fallout. post-apocalypse + RPG + powered armor + retro 50's + Tunnel Snakes = awesome game


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RedSoxFan274 said:
Let's start off, why don't we, with my lovely red shield, and desert wildflowers in preparation for Palm Springs in a few weeks.

Let's notice the "HP Installation Error - XP" for a second. WTF is up with that? Any printer icon that lands on the desktop if auto trash for me. They aren't even necessary unless you're actually using them, which I'm assuming you are since they are there.


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Smitty Werben Man Jensen said:
How you managed to find a Kill la Kill wallpaper with such a minimal amount of fanservice is beyond me
I know some people in shady places
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