Happy Birthday to Us!


Apr 6, 2004
That's right, 3 years ago to the day, SpongeBuddy was revealed to the public. :| And not much happened. :xD: It took a while, I'd say 3 years, but we've gotten pretty far and we plan on being here for a long time to come. :devil:

No huge celebrations like the last two years, which is okay, and if you want to read more of our history and see what was written for our first and second birthday, check out our 1st Anniversay page, 2nd Anniversary page, and the History section. There will be a 3rd Anniversary tribute up on the site by the end of the week. :yes:

Of course we still have cool stuff going on. As in Awards. Get those nominations in as soon as possible. I will also be announcing a new contest very soon, which should be fun for all of you, especially the winner. :P

Also, please post your own self-made banner thing like the one below in honor of this occasion. We need a few to use and look cool. :whoa: Thanks to Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick, so far he's the only one to have done so.

That's about it. No major new content to the site, no special new features to the forum. We used those all up the last two years, sorry! :angel:
Actually, the rest of Season 4's capsules should be finished soon, and if there's ever a new section or a new mod or skin or whatever that you think would make a valid contribution to this site, we're always open to suggestions.

Thanks to everyone for halping us last three years, and know that we have a bright future ahead of us in world domination! :)

Of course now you can add the Mania. It's just that it wasn't there 3 years ago. ^_^
where do we post the banners?
Alright, I actually have time to get off my mule and upload them 4 banners.
Happy Birthday SBM! :O ;)

I've loved this site ever since the year before I joined the forums. (2005)
Happy 3rd birthday Spongebuddy! :3
3 years and this site still gets updated and is still popular. Great job!
Happy birthday. Wow, this place has gotten far. (O o) Happy birthday! :D
Happy Bithday SpongeBuddy Mania! 3 years, 3 years. <_< :magician: