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Imitation Krab
Oct 25, 2019
Sailor Mouth, Nasty Patty and Graveyard Shift.

Per season, though:
  1. SB-129
  2. Sailor Mouth
  3. Nasty Patty
  4. Skill Crane
  5. Either Roller Cowards or New Digs
  6. Suction Cup Symphony
  7. The Main Drain (never really got why people hate it)
  8. Either Squiditis (which is sadly paired with the season's worst episode) or Planet of the Jellyfish
  9. Either What's Eating Patrick or Tutor Sauce
  10. Of the ones I've seen, Feral Friends
  11. Of the ones I've seen, Karen's Virus
  12. Haven't seen any of them
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