Favorite animal?


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I would say that mine is the cat, especially black cats. They are really cute and it feels so good to stroke some of their silky fur. Whenever I feel sad, I can just listen to my cat purring as I pet her and it makes me feel better. Dogs, rabbits, and any wild cats are also some of the animals that I absolutely love.


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I don't have one particular favorite. I like cats, dogs, owls, foxes, otters, rabbits...all sorts of critters.


I love the sponge! I need the sponge! ;)
Birds, something about them make me happy. Their so cute.

When I had my budgie he was always so happy to see me and I was happy to see him.


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Traditionally, I like dogs and cats because they're cute, funny, and lovable in general.

Off the beaten path, groundhogs are rather adorable.


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i love ferrets they are amazing and fun yes they smell funny but they are so friendly and playful! :squilliam2: although they do sleep a lot maybe that is just because rocco is an old guy but they are the nicest pals ever i love them and i want 100000 in my house right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!