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Fear of a Krabby Patty

Squid Defense or Single-Celled Defense
Have You Seen This Snail?

Karate Star or Squid Defense
Karate Star

Wishing You Well or Buried in Time
Wishing you Well

All That Glitters or Spatula of the Heavens
SpongeBob's Last Stand

The Splinter or A Pal For Gary
A Pal for Gary

Gary in Love or Love That Squid

The Other Patty or There Will Be Grease
There Will Be Grease

Squid Defense or The Way of the Sponge
The Way of the Sponge

Patty Caper or The Great Patty Caper
The Great Patty Caper

Hide and Then what Happens or One Coarse Meal
Hide and Then What Happens?

Funny Pants or A Day Without Tears
A Day Without Tears

Lame and Fortune or Perfect Chemistry
Perfect Chemistry

Sandy's Nutmare or Sandy, Help Us!
Sandy's Nutmare (Sorry but I haven't watched Sandy Help Us yet)

The Splinter or Ink Lemonade
Both (though if I had to choose it'd be Ink Lemonade)

FarmerBob or The Hankering
The Hankering

My Two Krabses or Krusty Love