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Dec 11, 2017
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***UPDATE: Whoops. When I made this game, I didn't realize that there's already basically an identical game to this one called "Same Plot, Different Title" on this site. I knew there were similar games, but I didn't know there was one exactly like this one. I apologize.***
This is kinda similar to some games in the past. But in this game, come up with a different title for each episode of SpongeBob that would fit. We'll go in the order of the episode list. I'll start. Beside your alternate title, put in the original title in parenthesis so we can keep track of which episode is which.

*Also, some episodes may have an alternate title already, but still create a new one*
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Krusty Krab (Helped Wanted)

*I know this is a very simple title, but a lot of Season 1 episodes have simple titles like Jellyfishing, Boating School etc, so I think this could work*
First date and dying (Tea at the Treedome)
SpongeBob and Patrick's Feud (Naughty Nautical Neighbors)
(Old guy and forgetful old guy PART 1) Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy
SpongeBob's House of Jellyfish (Jellyfish Jam)
Nature Pants (at one with the jellies)
Opposite Scheme (Opposite Day)

*It was pretty hard for me to think of another title for this episode. The original title is perfect honestly*
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