Facing the BSOD
Bleh, since the old confessions topic died a while back, I might as well give it a revival, yay.

So... any secrets that you want to share, drop them here.

Here's a few of mine:
  • I tend to chew on the tips of pencils at times whenever I get really nervous.
  • I wince at people that pour their milk in their bowl before their cereal or drizzle ketchup on their fries instead of putting it on the side.
  • I CANNOT stand chewing, slurping, or crunching noises. And ugh, I also cannot tolerate the sound of someone smacking their lips.
  • I talk to myself all the time.
-I tend to mutter to myself a lot.

-I'm currently in a long-distance relationship

-I have no sympathy for people who are nihilistic, cynical jerks despite having a good life.

-I hate posers.

-I am a right-wing libertarian and proud.


Ohio Blackie said:
hey man same

my most played steam game is oblivion.

even more embarrassing? it's only 42 hours, while usually for someone who loves games like me, it should be about 200-300. but school does take up 7 hours so i mean eh, i could care less.


Dear SBM...
I've been staying up til the early hours of the morning for the past three weeks now, and I have no intent or willpower to stop myself. I've essentially made my entire daily routine go all askew.

Heck, sometimes I skip breakfast because I wake up late enough to just jump straight into lunch (like I did yesterday when my Dad brought McDonald's home...a burger doesn't taste the same when it's the first thing you're eating in the day.)


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Sometimes I took silly stuff too seriously. Yeah, SpongeBob included.
Also, I'm afraid of many things, the worst one is future.
I used to love Spider-Man 3 and hate Spider-Man 2 as a kid.

I also used to be scared of The Lion King.

I prefer Toy Story 2 over 1.

I spent the weekend watching GTA 4 (all three of the stories) missions.

My cousin once convinced me that the movie Cars had real people inside the cars.

I still can't ride a bike.

I prefer Firefox over Chrome.

I write Harry Potter fanfiction.
-I like Planet Sheen better than Jimmy Neutron... (Not joking)

-I like Fanboy & Chum and Breadwinners

-Sonic 06 is my favorite Sonic game