An uncensored version of "Sailor Mouth" exists

When I did a title search for "uncensored", I found these two threads about this same topic that haven't been replied to for years.
in the words of Squidward’s voice actor, Clancy Brown was actually cussing when they recorded the episode.
Yes. I think we preferred it censored in the actual airings
Also, y'guys, I think that only exists if I ask Tom Kenny himself at the Comic Con.
Without the tape, they have nothing. I highly doubt they still have it within arms reach. I think it’s lost forever.
I understand your concern, but let's not jump to conclusions just yet. While it's true that without the tape, their evidence may be compromised, it's possible they have made copies or stored it elsewhere. Let's remain hopeful and give them the benefit of the doubt until we have more information.
any of this footage of that does not exist
Yes, it is indeed true. Paul Tibbitt confirmed during a Discord interview that he had it at one point. His statement provides credibility to the claim.