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Sep 22, 2005
Stealing your grill
SpongeBob: Hello, everybody! I'm SpongeBob and this is my friend Patrick!
Patrick: We're here to tell you why you should sign up to Time Warner Cable!
SpongeBob: First of all...huh?

The screen started to get static-y.

Patrick: What's happening?
SpongeBob: (as the screen becomes glitchy) I think someone's messing with the transmission!

The screen then went to full static. Then, we see Marc, Jared, and Chris, the three aliens from the Nickelodeon INVADED series.

Marc: What? Is it on? Is it on? It is? Okay. Greetings, puny Earth mammals! I am MARCRON-9900, and these are my comrades, JARRENEZ-6577 and CHRINNEEO-0002.
Chris: Comrades?! Since when are you our captain, dude?
Marc: Silence, Chris! Now, after many months of (glares at Chris) making repairs to our spaceship...
Chris: I keep tellin' you, dude, it like, totally wasn't my fault! Jared was driving when the ship crashed into the Grand Canyon!
Marc: As I was saying...we are back! And our mission will resume! All humans will be silenced!
Chris: Yeah, totally!
Marc: Let's get something straight here, Chris. I did not authorize you to speak for the duration of this transmission, and yet you defy me!
Chris: Dude, like you have no power over me!
Marc: Oh, yeah?! (flashes up a ray gun) We'll just see about that!
Chris: *lets out a Homer-like scream and runs off-screen*
Marc: (chases him) Come back here this instant!
Jared: Uh...take us to your leader? (pause) Hey, espera para m, mis amigos!


The invasion continues...