80b. The Gift of Gum


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OK. This episode was OK, bad for a season finale. Sort of funny. I give it a 7.3/10.


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Aside from the appearance of Gummy in some parts, I liked it. I agree with Cwn, bad for a season finale. That could've been Best Day Ever (I actually liked that, I don't see much wrong with it).


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I liked this episode aside of ..... gummy. It was a good idea but it would have been better if gummy had nothing on him. Not a good season finale.


Don't think i'm saying I like this episode, but's it's honestly OK. It was pretty disgusting, though.
Not a bad season finale in my opinion. I actually liked this episode. I know It was gross but there were some funny moments in this episode and I've seen way grosser episodes than this episode like To love a Patty and Pets or Pests. Patrick eating the whole gum was the best part of this episode in my opinion. I rate this episode 8/10


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I like this episode, but I thought it was gross, but it could be much better. I liked how Patrick ate the whole bubble gum at the ending. 8/10