800,000 Posts!


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I had a flight to catch earlier so I wasn't able to steal the milestone post this time :p

We've hit a lot of big milestones in 2014. It's great to see SBM staying this active. As usual, thanks to all the members who have kept this place going strong for as long as it has. Won't be long until we get to the big 1 million.

The (not too exciting) 800,000th post

Edit from Spongey: We also reached our 7 millionth visit over the weekend! Yay, go us!

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Oh, when we reach 1 million we're gonna party til we're purple like it's 1999!
Geddit? Because SpongeBob started in 1999 and they said that in the Movie?

EDIT: Holy shrimp, I just realized this is my 800th post. :yahoo:



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We shall congratulate The Donut of Shame as the 800,000th Post episode. I will post that milestone in the episode discussion thread of said episode shortly.



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lol that was quite the 800,000th post. :p Nevertheless, yet another milestone that SBM has hit! Congrats! :D