75a. Squidtastic Voyage


I honestly like this episode alot. This is one of the very few episodes I let Squid Abuse slide past my clutches. Many people find this episode gross, but I like the plot, and the jokes were pretty well-executed. While I admit it was kinda weird at points, I still liked it. This episode is known for having one of the biggest continuity errors in the history of Spongebob, as the episodes ends with.....Spongebob..and..Patrick...stuck....inside...Squidward. And in That's No Lady, (the next episode) they're all fine and dandy. Maybe some doctors cut open Squidward I don't know. Anyways, I quite liked this episode TBH


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I really love this episode! It has one of the best humor ever! and is really really written great the plot amazing! 10/10


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I went from disliking this episode, to thinking it was mediocre, to actually liking it. The interactions between Squidward and Sandy were funny, and we rarely see those two interact so I find it interesting.
This episode is one of my favorite season 4 episodes. I know this episode was gross but gross parts didn't bother me actually. In my opinion this episode was very funny and well-writen. Squidward kicking Sandy and then Squidward saying "Oh, I'm sorry. I'm not in control of my actions" was the funniest part of this episode. This is probably the second time that someone kicked Sandy. I recommend this episode. 10/10.


I Love This Episode Its Very Creative Most People Doesn't Like This Episode Because Its Gross But I Think Its Very Creative And Enjoyable

Do you like gross-out humor, or do you like it because Squidward wins?
I don't like gross out humor but I did laugh at Squidward's garbage house. I also laughed at the part when the lady thought the day was trash day and everyone started throwing their garbages at Squidward's wagon, the part when the kid's, whose wagon got stolen by Squidward, mother came and the part when Squilliam's statue melted.


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This, "Fear Of A Krabby Patty", "Hello Bikini Bottom!", and "That Sinking Feeling" are my favorite new Spongebob epsiodes. This one takes a classic and it takes a great twist to it.
8.5/10 it was good and all but some things felt unnecessary like the dancing and most of Sandy's involvement, she felt so distant that it just felt like wasted space entirely with her.


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This is my brother's favorite episode.
It's not mine, though. It's good but I found Patrick really stupid here, and not in a good way. But a lot of the episode was funny, so I give it a 6.5/10.


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When I was younger I liked the episode. Nowadays I think it's just plain alright. It falls perfectly in the alright category. I honestly don't see any signs of Patrick's a Prick except for him ruining the submarine. 6/10