68b. SquidBob TentaclePants

Pinhead Larry

The Fountain of Squidward
A dumb idea for an episode. Nothing much in it was that good at all. It had a couple of moments, I guess.



random gal
I wasn't disgusted actually...I liked it when the crowd liked Squidward's clarinet playing...I liked some quotes from this episode too! Boring at times though so I am going to give it a 9
This episode is strange but has so much more potential to it that wasn't used, the visuals of SquidBob were nicely done and clean, unnecessary ending though. 7.5/10


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Decent episode, and didn't bother me. At first, the ending did bother me, but over time I've mellowed over it. 7.8/10


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I used to absolutely dread this episode when I was younger, but I've softened to it a lot over time. I still don't particularly enjoy it, though. Even without mentioning how disgusting and creepy the ending of the episode is, the very fact that they couldn't make an episode about fusing 2 characters together funny is such a huge letdown. I think this episode definitely had potential to be amazing, and had it been a lot more funny and also just cut out that ending completely, this could've easily been one of the best, if not THE best episodes of the season. But sadly, I'm left with an episode that is quite meh and just leaves me wanting more.

This is an episode that tries to be a horror episode. In some ways it succeeds, and in other ways it fails. I'm not sure what to think of the comedy, and that ending just creeps me out.

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