65a. Selling Out


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Really funny and enjoyable episode. I hated the song at the beginning, though. I do like the guest appearance of C.H. Greenblatt as Carl.

8|10 Overall


Does anyone else think that SpongeBob's outfit in this episode looks like SpongeBuck's?

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Unlimitedcha said:
Does anyone else think that SpongeBob's outfit in this episode looks like SpongeBuck's?
It doesn't make sense when he wears braces. I mean, where do they go? Clearly not over his shoulders. Maybe he threads them through his pores? Or maybe they're fake.

But yes.

Also, I like this episode a lot. Carl is hilarious, there's many quotable parts and I use Squidward's lame "Happy Birthday" song often in birthday threads.



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This episode is decent. I like that we get to see that Mr. Krabs does care for his business and would rather serve people actual food and not processed grey sludge.
Another perfect season 4 episode and this episode is one of my favorite season 4 episodes. This episode is funny, very enjoyable and well-writen and I think this is the best Mr. Krabs-themed post-movie episode. I agree that Carl was creepy and I also don't like Pearl's cameo but It's still a great episode. Some parts made me laugh like Mr. Krabs saying "Wait a minute, I hate golf!" and Squidward singing "Happy Birthday" song. Also I liked Mr. Krabs' "Cha Ching" song. 10/10


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*Takes deep breath* OK, let me tell you something- I love going to T.G.I. Friday's and it's one of my very favourite resteraunts and it does feel right everybody being happy but the uniforms, the badges, the everything- sure it makes for a nice atmosphere but this episode makes me wonder are they really happy? Would they rather be somewhere else? The Krusty Krab is so much nicer than this and what are we really eating? If we stopped to look once in a while maybe we'd find out. Carl is so suicidally creepy- "What have you done with the real Squidward?" "Hello Eugene, would you please clear the tables for me?"
And the creepiest of all... "The less you know- the better."
That... is all.
EDIT: Happy, happy birthday... Happy, happy birthday...