5th Anniversary


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It's a few days belated, but I'd like to wish SpongeBuddy Mania a Happy 5th Birthday! :p

The admins have been pretty busy lately, so there was no huge party over the weekend, but you guys are still welcome to send presents. :p

And we do have some new stuff for the site that is being planned, so make sure to check the What's New on SBM? section every one in a while.

We'd also like to have a nice contest sometime soon, so if anyone has a good idea that would be able to involve a lot of members, just tell us in the Comments & Suggestions forum.

And I know we say this a lot, but over the last 5 years a lot of SpongeBob fan sites have come and gone. I know there were more back when we started out and so we're lucky to have made it here and plan to keep going. So thanks to all our visitors and all our members for a funtastic 5 years! :p


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Although most of us will agree that not all of us talk about SpongeBob anymore (one particular time being when revolution put out his new sig saying "i minimise the news and spongebob forums of sbm :shifty:") but I'm sure all of us will agree that we're still very much one big community.

Long live SpongeBob and SpongeBuddy!

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The site's only five years old? Seems like it's been longer. :O

Oh, well. Happy belated birthday, anyway. :p



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Yeah! 5 years already! I remember when the site turned 4 as if it were one year ago! @_@ :p

Happy 5ht Anniversary, SBM...

And more to come!


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hopefully SBM will last a lot longer @_@ Happy birthday SBM